mercs with the fur (fur)

BBR has a function for folks who want to take a break from their regular characters in order to cut lose and misbehave in a(n even more) consequence free fashion. The main feature here are Pansarvargarna, an unruly bunch of raiders. They are our NPCs, or "b-styrka".

These women and men (and other) are considered by most to be a scourge of the wasteland. By contrast, they consider themselves to be a free company of mercenaries with excellent business acumen. They are known in equal measure for their loyalty to money and their ruthless recruitment tactics. At BBR, they are every player characters enemy.

For more in-depth lore on Pansarvargarna, please look at this wiki article: Pansarvargarna

yay! where do i sign up?

A Pansarvarg is played by anyone who wants to play one. If/when you are gripped by a sudden urge to spread chaos and mayhem (and provide your fellow players with an unforgettable NPC encounter), simply head up to the off-site and volunteer. Bring friends! You will be granted some gear (a jacket, bullets, loot for your loot pocket), a character and a mission (optional but hilarious) and we'll teach you how to howl real good. Once you're all set up and ready to go, we'll send you on your way.

The marching orders for most Pansarvargar are as follows:

  • Play to lose - you are Stormtroopers sent after the princess. Shoot at her, but don't actually shoot her. If you do "kill" someone, don't loot them. Feel free to taunt them, however!
  • Die with grace and beauty. Make all others envy your death-scene and weep bitter tears over how they'll never die as well as you.
  • Normal healing rules do not affect you. Once all non-wolf people have left the area, you pop back up healthy and hale.

This year, we'll also have some missions for the wolves to engage with! They will be optional, and chiefly social in nature.



can i make my own pansarvarg gear?

What a lovely question! Of course you can, we salute you. We'll even find somewhere in the off-site to stash it until you need it. Just, for the love of all things chrome, make sure you put a nametag on it.

You can use anything you want as long as it's passably white at the base. The jacket we're using is called a snöblus. Any accessories you want to make or have (such as hats, harnesses or straight up some wolf ears and tail - anything you can think of) need not adhere to any such colour restrictions.