The World

in all its Apocalyptic Beauty

The year is 2149 and civilization as we might have known it came to a grinding halt 104 years ago in what is fondly thought of as "the great calamity". "The sky was torn asunder and war swallowed the earth", and all that jazz. Nature has since reclaimed much if not most of the land once domesticated and developed by people. Most of the planet is to be considered unexplored wasteland.

The human (and post-human) population has been much reduced. Inhabitants of the new world often live as nomads or as citizens of smaller communities built on top of or inside the ruins of the old world.

Sedentary people generally make a living through farming, crafting and small-scale industrial production of goods and materials. The standards of living and levels of technology varies greatly from place to place. Some communities persist in squalid (or more ideal) stone age conditions while others enjoy access to modern and futuristic technology.

Among the more nomadic people we find traders, raiders, adventurers, vault breakers, scavangers, mercenaries and pretty much anything in between. Constantly set upon by bandits, abominations and each other, few nomads will take to the road without arming themselves to the teeth and beyond. Just as with the various locations of the world, the kind of technology nomads have access to varies greatly.

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A gender neutral world

The old gender roles washed away with the radioactive rain of the apocalypse. Women, men, and the non-binary are equally capable of being badass wasteland warriors, political leaders and mewling cowards. Your might does not depend on what is between your legs, it depends on your attitude and the amount of guns by your side.

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