Terms of Service

in accordance with the law

When you sign up to be a participant on BBR: FRIENDLY FIRE, we will collect some of your personal information. Here follows...

Legal stuff

  • By registering a user account on bbreloaded.se you consent to the handling of your personal information by the Krokodilhammarkompaniet association () and its representatives. If you are under 13, a guardian has to give their consent to the treatment of your personal information.
  • Krokodilhammarkompaniet is the responsible data controller for your information.
  • The information that is handled is information that you yourself supply us with during your registration. We may also store information about your registration status that is decided by Krokodilhammarkompaniet: Whether you have paid for a ticket to one of our events. If you are approved to one of our events. If you are a volunteer at one of our events.
  • The personal information is stored to identify your site login, to communicate with you regarding your registration to one of our events and to identify you and review your eligibility to attend our events. Your fictional information may also be used to coordinate your experience at our events by being shared as a part of the greated narrative. For further information see [What we do with your information] below.
  • Your information may be shared with you and with other participants and volunteers at our events to fascilitate logistics (such as finding where you are staying, which group you are in, what the practical details of your participation may be) or narrative (connecting you to the characters of other attendees. Sometimes unbeknownst to you.).
  • Your personal information will be stored by Krokodilhammarkompaniet for as long as necessary for the aforementioned reasons, but at most thirty days after you have requested to close your account and have us remove your information.
  • You have a right to request a report of what data Krokodilhammarkompaniet has that relates to your personal information and what of your personal data we have stored.
  • If you feel that any information about you is invalid you have the right to request that the information is reviewed and corrected. In that case, contact Krokodilhammarkompaniet by email on info@bbreloaded.se and let us know which information is wrong and why it should be corrected.
  • You can also request that the handling of your personal information is limited (frozen) if you think the personal information managed by Krokodilhammarkompaniet are not correct, of the handling is illegal, if the need to store or manage the information is no longer valid but you might still need them to make legal claim.
  • You can at any point recall your consent to the handling of your personal information by contacting Krokodilhammarkompaniet by email on info@bbreloaded.se. If you recall your consent the personal information that Krokodilhammarkompaniet have about you will be deleted. This will mean that your account will no longer work on bbreloaded.se, your invitations to our events are revoked and you are no longer welcome to our events. We will not refund paid participation fees.
  • If you feel our handling of personal information is erroneous you have a right to send a complaint to Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten (Datainspektionen) that are acting regulators in Sweden.
  • You can contact Krokodilhammarkompaniet by email on info@bbreloaded.se

What we do with your information

  • We use the information we collect to ensure our participants are who they say the are and to mark off payed tickets.
  • Name and phone number will be used to compile a list of participants for the event.
  • We will never share any of your information with a third party.
  • We will send you a few emails containing information about the event.
  • We may use your phone numer to call you if we urgently need to get a hold of you at the actual dates of the event.
    All of your information on our databases will be destroyed 30 days after the event.
  • If you for any reason want your information destroyed prior to the event, we will comply with your wishes. However you will no longer be on our list of participants and can no longer participate in the event.