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When - Around the 31:st of August 2023.

Where - At Stråssa.

How Much - 750 SEK/€70

Do Not Forget: Thermal underwear!! Socks!

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The World

The year is 2151 and civilization as we might have known it came to a grinding halt 106 years ago in what is fondly thought of as "the great calamity". The human (and post-human) population has been much reduced. Inhabitants of the new world often live as nomads or as citizens of smaller communities built on top of or inside the ruins of the old world.
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The setting is post-apocalypse in a similar vein to the Fallout games and Mad Max. Style over rational survival instinct and realism is key here.
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Your looks

Look however you like, but dirt and decay are key. Everything should look as though it has been through several years of life and death in the harsh, unforgiving wasteland. Style over function is a thing.

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Available roles

Whatever the hickity heck you can come up with is probably welcome.

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A quick review of the types of people what live in the world:

Baseline - Your average human being.
Mutant - Only visible physical mutations is considered mutants. Being a mutant is considered normal.
Transhuman - Cyborgs, improved clones, genetic experiments, all manner of cyberpunks welcome.
Machine - Robots, cyborgs, gynoids and so on.
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Your character

- Your character cannot permanently die without your consent - never think twice, just do it!
- You need a designated loot-pocket. If/when you're knocked out, place your hand on that pocket to indicate where your stealables are.
- Don't "play to win", play to entertain - make the most fun for everyone.
- Don't keep secrets to yourself. Involve people in your plots
- You can stage cool scenes or discuss with others "off-game" as long as you do it discretely.
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What to do at the LARP:

- Multiple main stories and plots! Get engaged in a one.
- Groups and personal intrigues/quests - make up goals for yourself and/or your group to fight for.
- Missions - find them around the Sinterplant.
- Wrecking - more on this as we develop the concept
- Look for stuff - items will be hidden in various locations in the wilderness.
- Be a Pansarvarg!!! No explanation required.
- Join a caravan!
- Hack the internet
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Safety rules

-"Skarp skada" - skarp anything, for an emergency that is for REAL. Someone actually hurt themselves? There is actually a fire? This is how you communicate that there is an emergency in a way that people know you are not playing.
- Eye protection - ALWAYS wear eye-protection at all times.
- Safe zones - No armed guns allowed! The sinterplant and the interior of all tents, houses, caravans etc.
- Age limit of 15. 18 to carry airsoftguns.
- Alcohol - Beverages may contain a maximum 2.8% (vol) alcohol. It is not allowed to be intoxicated.
- Never aim or swing against someone's head
- Unless you are pre-approved by the organisers, you may not bring, deal with or use pyrotechnics
Detailed rules about different weapons and special objects can be found here:
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Combat Rules

- Health. By default, you will be neutralized by the first hit.
- People may have armor - depending on armour class, they can take many or infinite hits before going down
- Heavy weapons are special weapons used to disable Juggernauts, crowds and/or vehicles
- White smoke is only a distraction, coloured smoke is toxic gas and if you don't have a gas mask on you have to move out of the gas cloud before you can continue to fight

When hit/neutralized

- Roleplay as well as you can that you are hit or wounded!
- You can only scream in pain or call for help, you can't help your mates or give information to anyone before being healed
- You can only crawl or limp
- You can not use weapons or other equipment
- If you can't get healthcare from a medic on site, go back to your camp and rest for 30 minutes and you are fit for fight

If you are planning on bringing or making any of the following, read closely in the combat rules:
Armour, Shield, Heavy weapons, Mines, Grenades or Vehicles.

Read more: Combat Rules

Meta Rules

- Respect peoples needs. Try to not interrupt people cooking, eating or sleeping.
- Don't mess with anyone's guns or ammo.
- Don't make threats based on weaponry or military might that is not present at the larp.
- Low intensity playtime between 02.00 and 10.00 in the morning, please sleep!
- Do not be loud on purpose before noon.
- Items that are stealable and not in a loot-pocket are to be marked with a black X.
- You may not enter someone else's tent without their permission, it is therefore forbidden to store in-game items in tents.
- Try to maximize your efforts. If you are planing on making an epic scene, make sure as many people as possible can witness it.

Some scenes can get intense. To help you manage your comfort levels in those scenes, we have some keywords:
Green - use this if you want to escalate a scene/situation.
Yellow - use this if you want to deescalate a scene/situation.
Red - use this to put an end to a scene
Off - use this to break a scene and signify that you are speaking out-off-character.
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The minimum you NEED to bring

- Safety goggles/glasses - you need your vision to survive the larp
- Flashlight(s)
- Warm sleeping things
- Painkillers, simple band-aids and medication if you know you need it
- Food
- Something to store water in
- Gloves

What we think you also should bring:
- Handheld radio for the PMR-band (446Mhz)
- Mug or cup to use in the bar
- Hat and scarf, or other means of head/neck/face protection
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How to act

- Don't be a jerk.
- Don't put up with anyone's racism, sexism or homophobia. In case of jerk, come talk to us.
- Don't use themes of sexual violence or coercion, or threats there of, in play.
- Everyone is more than welcome to display mindless distaste for baselines, mutants, medics, or other obvious in-game things.
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Now you know the basics. Go register!

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