Radio Active

what's up wasteland!

When you're traveling across the Scandinavian wasteland you can turn on and tune in to Radio Active, the local radio network.

You will be sure to hear music new and old, radio dramas, news and gossip. It is a sure way to stay informed - or at the very least - entertained.


The outpost where our story takes place has its own local chapter of Radio Active. There is a recording and transmission studio in the sinterplant and a reporter team on the ground.

They would never allow professionalism to interfere with a good story.


For the first time ever, Radio Active will be available on the FM band at 107.2 MHz. If that system where to fail we have a backup system transmitting on PMR band 1 (446 MHZ, ordinary "walkie-talkies").


If you want your message transmitted across the airwaves there are a few ways in which this can happen.

  1. Pre-record a thing and send it to us:
  2. Write your own material and send it to us:
  3. Speak directly to Radio Active in-game (though we recommend getting in touch before the larp)

We (and the good folks at Radio Active) reserve the right to reject material deemed unsuitable for the radio.