when, where, how

The date is August 30 - September 2, 2018. If you can, we ask that you please try to be there on Wednesday the 29th.

The price is 666 SEK.

If you are in a secure financial position and have additional disposable income, we have an optional, more expensive price at 1000 SEK. Every leftover coin from here will go immediately into additional cheaper spots (see below), additional treats at the bars and general restoration of the game area.

We have a number of half-price spots 333 SEK, these are reserved for people in less financially secure positions. Get in touch with us if this is something that would help you participate at the larp.

The location you need to get to is StrĂ¥ssa, this is how to get there: Instructions in Swedish

There will be bathrooms, portaloos and clean water. Specifically there are WCs up by the off-game house location (impossible to miss), as well as running water, safe for drinking. The portaloos will be placed both in-game and out of game.

You're responsible for your own food and sleeping arrangements.

There will be some electricity, chiefly for illumination and charging batteries. DO NOT connect anything to the network that will tax the system. Heaters and coolers are right out. ASK US if you are unsure.

The rest? When we know, you'll know.




We're friends with larpfund so if you're in a financial situation that makes our pricetag prohibitive or painful and you want help with that, do not hesitate to contact us:

We will do what we can to help.