Game mechanics

What to expect from three days of apocalyptic mayhem

Our lofty vision is to create a larp where you, the player, always feel you have something interesting to do. We want a larp where no one has to experience prolonged boredom or sit around waiting for a specific scene to happen. We want you to hold the key to your personal adventure and to have the freedom to shape your own legend.

In an attempt to accomplish this, we have a bunch of game mechanics and other tricks up our sleeve:

Multiple main stories and plots

BBR does not have a single main plot. Instead, it has several more or less interconnected main plots running parallel. You don't need to follow or interact with any of them in order to enjoy the game, but if you do please be assured that you cannot break them. Regardless of who or what your character is, you are always allowed and encouraged to pick at and engage with anything you discover - even if you suspect that it's all in your head.

No monopoly of violence and small player groups

An important element to ensure a high degree of player freedom is to not have any in-game monopoly of violence. This means there are no local city guard or other juridical force in control that can prevent you from executing your shenanigans. This also means that if you or your friends are wronged, you need to get creative and find a more interesting solution then just yelling for the city guard.

Groups and personal intrigues/quests

Should you want some, the GMs will do their level best to provide you with quests and personal/group intrigues - provided you pay the participation fee in a reasonable time. We also encourage groups to make your own intrigues with other groups before-hand. Visit this facebook group to start at once. Why wait until tomorrow with making the enemies you can have today!


Missions are generic intrigues that anyone can undertake. They can range from everything from escorting nervous scientist and treasure hunts, decoding mysterious radio signals and keeping panzerwolves at bay. Your best bet is to look around the Sinterplant for mission starters and provider.


Wrecking is at its core a game of "king of the hill", where each wrecking group gains points by capturing and holding things called LANTERNs.

There will be three teams ("wreckers") struggling against each other. Each team will have the mission and resources to recruit as much help ("everyone else") as they can. Read more about this here.

Unfortunately not happening 2022

Scrap and loot in the wilderness

Valuable scrap, power rods, food cans, kaps, ammo, medical resources and other nifty items will be hidden in various locations in the wilderness. Loot cashes will sometimes be refilled and new ones will appear during the larp. It is always beneficial to head out into the wasteland.



Exploring the virtual wasteland

BBR comes with its own in game internet! You can use it to communicate with other players, seek out hidden information and even play a key role in wrecking (which make highly skilled keyboard-warriors very attractive to wreckers). To learn more about the internet of the future and how to connect to it, just follow this link.

You and Being a NPC

The idea here is that for most of the larp you inhabit the character you signed up with and - should you feel like it - you can come up to the off-site and volunteer to be an NPC for a few hours. As an NPC, your primary objective is to bring the world to life and entertain other players. Your secondary objective is to have as much fun as possible.


Would you like to take a break from being a responsible wastelander for a few hours? Does the consequence free life of a raider mercenary NPC appeal to you? Then look no further! BBR has a few functions for this. We call one of them Pansarvargarna (lit. 'the panzerwolves' - it's a pun) READ ALL ABOUT IT, right here: Panzarvargar


Well you read all about the chaotic Pansarvargar. How about more neutral or even nice? Join a caravan! Be an integral part of the infrastructure and lifeblood of the wasteland. Deliver things! Shoot guns! Protect people and goods from raiders!


Aside from these refined raiders, BBR also hopes to offer some more monstrous NPC opportunities. Would you rather be some kind of shambling mutant zombie than a thinking person? Again, come up to the off-site and we'll help you achieve your dreams.

Your own ideas?

If you have them, we would love to hear them. Do you want to design your own mission? Have you constructed the coolest quest item ever? Do you want to build a terrible monster suit and roam the wasteland as a fearsome and deadly mutant avenger of doom and destruction? Email us and we will implement you and your idea into the world of BBR.