the larp

in all its Dirty Splendor

In this here section we will talk about the story, the location and you. Since you're by far the most important thing here that's where we will start. We love you. Be our friend.

Your Character and You

This is a larp. Aside from your personal health and wellbeing, having an accessible character is the most important thing. Here at BBR we want to give you the creative freedom to come up with the coolest and most fucked up concept you can and then turn that up to 11. Be the action movie hero/villain/anti-hero you want to see in the world. We want you to be the protagonist of your own story, and we're not gonna put any brakes on how badass that story can be.

That said, there are some things that are useful to keep in mind. Chiefly the other participants and your collective levels of entertainment. It helps if you aspire to make your character social, outgoing and curious. Please note how easily that turns into "manipulative and opportunistic", we're not promoting 'nice' we're promoting "talk to people for gain and entertainment".

You and the Characters of Others

The best, coolest and all around most awesome thing to do for other people is to play up their character. Someone did something awesome? Applaud them (or cuss them out if you're adversely affected). Someone robbed you blind? Shittalk that dirty low-down vermin forever. Someone is a spooky leader of a spooky gang? Allow yourself to be and act spooked.

Remember: we're all nerds playing dressup in a sandpit. We will only ever be as cool as other people allow us to be.

Death and You

Let's make one thing clear from the get-go: your character cannot permanently die without your consent. What happens when you're taken out by bullets or blades is that you're critically injured and can no longer present a credible threat to anybody. Feel free to make a big production out of this; holler in mortal agony and terror, cry, beg and/or curse for help or a quick death. Passing out (immediately or eventually) is also always an option.

Remember: we're all gonna die, so points for style counts. Orchestrate the best most badass "death" scene you can.

For details on how to heal up and return to the land of the lethal, see the rules section.

Now That You/They're Dead (the loot and scoot)

BBR wishes to feature and encourage shenanigans of various types and levels. Thievery, robbery, general thuggery and opportunistic murder + looting are to be considered recommended pastimes for the distinguished wastelander.

It is useful at this juncture to make something else clear: when looting a downed enemy/buddy/bystander only go through and take what's in their loot pocket. Of course, careless souls may leave things lying around. If you want to make them regret this indiscretion, you need to know what you can steal/loot from your fellow players. Here follows a convenient list:

  • Kaps (these are special bottle caps, in-game currency given to us by our benevolent game masters)
  • Bills/paper money (see above)
  • Loose ammo in tiny zip-lock bags (absolutely no taking of ammo outside of these)
  • In-game medical supplies
  • Plot/quest items (trust us, it will be exceedingly clear what these are - some of them will even beep)
  • Anything found inside of another player's loot pocket

This means no touching or taking other people's guns, gears or dinnerware. You may however take their picture. 'But hold on', we hear you cry, 'loot pocket? That sounds frightfully intriguing!' Oh, you. You are so wise, attractive and interesting. Let's talk about loot pockets.

Your Loot Pocket and You

A loot pocket - fairly self-explanatorily - is the pocket in which you keep the things people can loot from your disgruntled (temporary) corpse. This pocket can be fashioned in any way you please; a separate bag with the word 'swag' painted on, an elaborate pouch about your neck or just any pocket already on your gear.

If/when you're knocked out, place your hand on that pocket or otherwise indicate where your stealables are. This way the vulture robbing you will know what they can take and you won't have your personal belongings rifled through. Win/win!

Now, what you put in your loot pocket is up to you, as long as you put some of your kaps, bullets (in a bag!) and/or healing resources in there. It can be any variation of the stealable objects mentioned above. You are also encouraged to add something more personal, because it's fun. Be creative! Make someone's day.

Popular miscellaneous items we've found in loot pockets:

  • Candy (various)
  • Energy drinks
  • Arts and crafts trophies
  • Beads
  • Locks of hair (you need help)
  • Wet-wipes
  • Kaps
  • Ammo in zip-lock bags

Make it be something you'd like to find, and remember: don't go into the wasteland without loading up that pocket!



Mortal Enemies and You

Enemies are the best. They make life worth living and people worth killing. But how do you deal with stabbing someone in the back only to run into them at the bar two hours later or meeting your husband's killer for the first time in years? How do you avoid a potentially frustrating loop of revenge?

At BBR, we have the following philosophy:

  1. In the wasteland, nothing is truly personal. Yes, you shot me down in cold blood and took my ill gotten gains - but anyone would have. Heck, next time we meet out there, maybe I'll return the favour. Buy me a drink and we're square for now.
  2. Let it fester. A larp only has so many days. Plan your vengeance and unleash your highly personal flavour of justice towards the very end of the final day.
  3. Talk it out. Don't be afraid to get out of character (somewhere discreet, like in the off-site meeting house) and talk about how to best solve your in-character grievances. Fisticuffs in the fighting pit? A hefty bribe? A duel on the beach by moonlight? A game master will be happy to help.

Death Don't Last Forever

As established previously, your character does not actually die upon getting stabbed or shot down. You are however down for the count, incapacitated, taken out of commission, etc, and without professional(ish) healthcare, you will not be back in fighting form for 30 minutes. Let's go over that again:You take a hit. You go down. Without medical attention, you can fight again in 30 minutes.

With medical attention, you spring back to a fighting condition as soon as your attendant 1) is done bandaging your wound and 2) has spent a precious nanotechnology resource on you. Exciting, yes? Where then, do you find a medic?

Medics, doctors and surgeons

Healthcare professionals and hobbyists in the wasteland. Angels of mercy, or scavenging vultures? Both probably. If you want your character to be one all you have to do is somehow justify it in their background. "Medic" doesn't have to be all your character is about. They can totally be a gun-running road pirate that dabbles in a bit of trauma care on the side, it's all good.

BBR makes only three demands on participants that wish to be medics in the field:

  1. Bring bandages - old curtains, bedsheets, actual bandages, anything that can be wrapped around a bleeding limb will do. Be as creative as you dare.
  2. Bring fake blood - fake blood. The kind one might use on stage. We're not talking gallons here, just enough to apply some theatre and drama when called for.
  3. Bring a bag - you know, a doctor's bag. Any beat up old thing with a red cross on it will do. It's for keeping the bandages and blood.

That's it! The GMs will provide you with the magical nanobot healing agent.