Fighting Pit

punch face, make coin

Did you lose a bet? Are you in need of quick kaps? Do you have an arch enemy to slay? Perhaps you want to make yourself a name by defeating one of our fearsome in house gladiators. The reasons are many, but one thing stays forever true - the audience craves a good slaughter.

Inside the sinter plant is a great arena. Upon its black sand the Fighting Pit is lead by whoever picks up the mantle this year. Here players are given the spotlight and an opportunity to perform the extraordinary in front of a great audience.


The Fighting Pit is meant to create the right atmosphere and to entertain. Dirty fights full of low blows, honorable duels, epic battles and magnificent death scenes. Think of this as American Wrestling. It's is all an act meant to charm the audience.

We especially love LARPers who like to plan. The Fighting Pit is a great place to do things that furthers your storyline and requires a big audience. Like settle in-larp disagreements. Or dramatic executions. Everybody loves an execution.

Crazy ideas are most welcome, we are more than happy to oblige you in any way we can!


Death is not permanent (unless that's what you want)

The audience loves a gory death scene, but management have wisely seen the monetary benefits of recycling fighters. They offer up the best of care, and your beloved character will soon be up and about, making the wasteland unsafe yet again.


Latex-weapons only. No Airsofts allowed. The arena is located inside the sinter plant, which is one of the safe zones so the same rules apply. However, if there was ever a time to bring out your most outrageous latex-weapons, this is it. A rusty tire iron, a great sword or a flail made out of barbed wire and tin cans? There are many ways to kill, and the bloodthirsty audience loves them all.

If the combatants have previous experience and are not deemed complete rust heads, some martial arts elements will be allowed. Include this in your application and we will sort something out.


You can wear anything that fits the general dress code of the LARP and is not considered a safety risk. Don't forget your jaunty hat. Remember, it doesn't matter if you die as long as you look good doing it.




You can sign up as a couple to fight or with any number of participants to perform something. Send your details via this form:

You will receive a confirmation email, and sometime before the LARP we will also send you an email with the date and time of your fight.

OBS! The ringleader reserves the right to ban any fighters who are deemed irresponsible or a safety risk.