Time for commitment

Hello friend!

Open Registration for 2017 is CLOSED. It will not open again.

However! We may still have a few spots left. E-mail us at if you're interested.

Please note that we'll give extra consideration to:
- Women (raised/living as such, trans* and NB individuals inlcuded)
- People from outside of Sweden
- Minoritised/poc individuals

Everyone will be considered tho, just send us that e-mail.

If you're already registered, feel free to scroll down, log in and finish your application or review what you already wrote.

Here is what you need to know before you sign up:

- You must use a valid e-mail address that you check every so often. This is how we contact you to let you know you've been approved.

- Once we've reviewed your application and approved it, we will send you an e-mail with the payment information.

- If your group has more than 12 members and you're not Wreckers, you have to talk to us.

- You have to supply us with complete and accurate information (full name, bod/personnummer, etc) or your application will be considered incomplete. Incomplete applications will be purged after about a week to give space to new applications. Note that this does not necessarily apply to character and group descriptions, though a placeholder is welcome. You may come back and edit that information later.

- Note that all applications are personal and cannot be sold, traded or given away. If you want to give up your spot for any reason, you have to contact us.

- Svenska medborgare: om ni inte redan är med i en uppmuntrar er att gå med i vår Sverokförening. Det är gratis och ni kommer täckas av Sveroks försäkring.

- Any comments or questions should be directed to:

- Don't sweat it, you've got this.



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