Time for commitment


If you missed registration and you still want to attend the larp, send us an email at:

Thank you!

* Have an idea of what you've signed up for.
* Be intimately familiar with the rules and code of conducts. Ignorance of the rules is unacceptable.
* Use an e-mail adress that 1) works and 2) you check frequently. Failure to do so may cost you your spot at the larp.
* You're not guaranteed a place at the larp just because you filled this thing out properly. Your spot is not secure until you've received an approval e-mail and paid your admission.

Du MÅSTE gå med i Sverokföreningen som länkas i anmälan. Om du har ovanligt god anledning att inte göra detta, kontakta oss på

Applications that are left blank or applications left with insufficient information will have one week after registration to be completed. After that they are assumed abandoned and become subject for deletion.



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