tactical napping

or how to bring 30 sleepingbags

So you know for a fact that you're coming to the larp and you need to make a Plan on how to live for the upcoming weekend. Fear not! We have put this page together for you so you can have the best possible intel to make the best possible choices for yourself and your needs.


Our game location is an old industrial mining site and sinter production plant. It's really rad, but it's also quite unsafe. You need to exercise caution when running around here.

1. There are potentially harmful chemicals in the dirt. Do not drink any water from local streams, lakes or horrifying puddles. The water in the taps is piped in from elsewhere and is as safe to drink as it is anywhere else in the country. Do not eat any plants (or animals) from the area.

2. Some areas are cordoned off with tape. They are cordoned off for a reason, respect this or you will put yourself at unnecessary risk. The sinter production plant ("sinterverket") has large concrete plates decorating the outer walls. In a few places, these have been known to fall down. These areas are marked off. Do not move into these areas for any reason.

3. Watch where you put your feet, do not climb on anything that isn't an obvious set of stairs or a pile of solid ground. If it looks like no one should mess with it, don't mess with it. Exercise common sense. Pretty obvious, but please do it. Watch out for your fellow participants. Always err on the side of caution.

We have some medics on staff. They are here to help with serious injuries. Please bring your own bandages and painkillers for smaller scrapes and headaches.


We are operating under the notion that most people will want to sleep on site and "in-game", and the texts below reflect this. If you want to park your camper or pitch your tent outside of the game area please come talk to us as space may be limited.

Regardless of where you plan to sleep, you are welcome to bring any amount and type of furniture, decorations, fabrics and clothes. Provided that you're responsible, clean up after yourself and ensure your objects are stored well, you don't have to bring them back with you when you leave.


If you have a fitting tent, we strongly recommend that you bring it. Nothing else will make you and your potential sleeping locations as versatile and flexible as a tent.

For a tent to fit in, it needs to look as worn and torn as the magnificent adventurer living inside. The easy way out here is to bring a cover of sorts that you pull over the tent to mask the signs of a potentially fancy camping tent.

Note that those military type green/tan tents are considered totally fine the way they are. Conveniently, our location have a number of these for rent:


Tent peace is a thing. While you're welcome to keep the inside of your tent in-game and invite other characters over for tea ceremonies, you may also keep it out of game. If you bring a tent it is yours to lord over, and what happens in there stays in there. In other words: you may treat it as an out-of-game area where you keep make-up supplies, candy wrappers and ultraclean super fresh comforts of contemporary make hidden from the rest of the world.

This carries the following responsibilities:

- Never ever hide any kind of in-game relevant objects in your tent (since no one is allowed to go in there, let alone search it)

- Stay quiet in there. No one can hear you scream in space but everyone at the larp sure can

You will need to speak to us about where you can plant your tent. Unapproved campsites may be forced to move.


The primary real estate of the location are what once were intermodal shipping containers. They are about 12 meters long, 2.4 meters wide and 2.5 meters tall. There are a lot of them.

A rough estimation suggests that seven to twelve people could comfortably share one of these metal boxes and not feel cramped or put out.

The containers have doors and windows sawn into them. Some of the corners of these are sharp and rusty. Do not trust the sharp rusty metal. Do not engage with it. Leave it alone.

Please keep in mind that a container is not a house. The floors inside are immediately comparable to the ground outside.

If you plan to nap inside of a container, please make sure to bring:

- Something to cover doors and windows to protect the inside of the containers from stray bullets. We recommend thick see-through heavy plastic, but you are free to use anything as long as it can withstand airsoft bullets

- Something to elevate you from the ground chill and floor dust (camping beds, insulating bed rolls, animal pelts, anything really). As an aside, most containers have ceiling (and floor) hooks for securing cargo, they will support a hammock if that is your jam

- Sleeping bags or similar to keep you warm when you lay down (bring extra, always err on the side of not freezing)


Do you have some sort of camper, caravan, house-on-wheels or other alternative napping arrangement, you should probably email us with the specifics. Chances are it will work out and that whatever applies to tents will apply to your thing as well. But ya know, email us: info@bbreloaded.se




An enormous seven floor concrete monster crouching in the middle of everything. It has a lot of rooms, nooks and crannies. It's officially illegal to sleep here, don't do it.


The Sinterplant has a reasonably extensive network och 230 AC electricity (that is normal wall outlet electricity). You are allowed to hook up any lights, chargers and electronics (radio, etc) to this network but you are not under any circumstances allowed to hook up any heaters, cooler, cooking equipment or other heavy power consumers. Enough people doing this would overheat the system, and then we'll all be without power. Floundering in darkness. Forever.

Also remember to bring your own extension cables and make sure that they are certified for outdoor use.

NOTE: We can not guarantee connectivity to electricity for everyone, so if your camp is unable to function without electricity, please contact us in advance.


Allow us to reiterate: perfectly safe serviceable drinking water exists on the site. The out-of-game location has taps and MIGHT HAVE one large and friendly "sugarcube" water container will be sitting inside of the game area. Hydrate yourself.


The eternal question. Yes, there are bathrooms. Specifically there are about four WCs up at the out-of-game house (which you cannot miss). There will be port-a-potties in strategic locations. TP should be available.


Between 400 and 500 souls will be in attendance throughout the weekend. A lot of things can happen when a large crowd enters a limited space. In the event of anything unfortunate happening, we have people ready to back you up.

These are the safety team (trygghetsvärdar), and they have a somewhat subtle job. They are available if you, for any reason, feel uncomfortable, creeped on, threatened or vulnerable in any way and need a break from the situation. They can help make sure you're left alone while you take your breather, provide grounded conversation and help you get in touch with us, the organisers. You will never have to explain or justify your need to go sit with our safety people.

Please note that you can also always come up to the off-site if you need to talk to someone, just sit or alert the organisers to a situation they need to handle.

Additional information:
If something goes amiss with your sleeping arrangements or your bed is somehow destroyed, don't feel like you need to negotiate your safety in order to find a warm place to sleep. Come talk to the organisers up in the off-site, and we'll help you figure something out.


Some kind of large dumpster will be rented for the purposes of garbage disposal. Any trash you create and/or bring to the site can be dumped in there. YOU MAY NOT throw anything hazardous (paint, pressurised containers, etc) in there.


All campsites, be they containers or places to park a tent, have to be discussed and planned with us, the organizers. There is no first-come-first-serve policy or random grabbing in place here, everything has to be discussed and agreed on. This is to ensure everyone has somewhere to live/sleep, the general infrastructure of the settlement and everyone's general happiness. We're working for you.