the guns

lawyers and money

First of all, you absolutely don't need an airsoft gun in order to participate in or enjoy BBR. It's a lot of fun though, so if you've ever been airsoft-curious, BBR is a great excuse. Most of what's stated here will be repeated in the rules compendium.

If you are fluent in Swedish, new to airsoft and the concept fills you with trepidation, do not worry. We have written a document for you specifically: Nybörjarguide till Airsoft

Gun Strength!

Straight from the rules:

Automatic and semi-automatic weapons

Safety distance: 1 m
Bullet weight: 0.25 g

Maximum allowed output velocity:
98 m/s or 322FPS with 0.25g BBs = 1.2 Joules (bullets used by us)
109 m/s or 357FPS with 0.20g BBs = 1.2 Joules (only an example)

Manual/bolt action rifles

Safety distance: 10 m
Bullet weight: 0.32 g

Maximum allowed output velocity:
98 m/s or 322FPS with 0.32g BBs = 1.54 Joules (bullets used by us)
124 m/s or 406FPS with 0.20g BBs = 1.54 Joules (only an example)



Age Limit

You have to be 18 years of age to handle and use softair guns in Sweden, that's the law. We will make no exemptions whatsoever to this rule. Sorry. We still love you.


Don't bring any, BBR will provide you with ammunition. Even if you don't have a gun, we will give you ammo. You will be given around 100 bullets in total (at check-in), but you will be able to earn more trough various ingame mechanics.

The larp will rely on 0.25g BBs for automatic/semi-automatic weapons, and 0.32g BBs for manual/bolt action weapons.

HPA Airsoft

If you have one of these, we may allow it, but only if it's fitted with a Tournament Lock. The Tournamnet Lock will be checked and secured, by us, at the weapons check.