Business and Robbery!

Caravans will offer participants the option to leave their characters for a while and take on the roll of a neutral NPC, bringing the world to life and providing events for other players. Players will also be free to use their actual character to get hired on as mercenaries for the caravans.

Caravans will start at one end of the map and will need to be escorted by caravan runners and guards (aforementioned NPCs) or mercenaries from the game itself (the player's own character).

If you are familiar with the Panserwolves of previous larps, it's pretty much exactly like that. But instead of delivering violence and chaos, you deliver goods and protect people. Speaking of wolves...

The Panzerwolves (a notorious gang of marauding raiders) are a frequent problem for caravans carrying important cargo to and from (and past) the Sinterplant market. This should give Panzerwolves more to mayhem themselves upon and provide more player engagement and additional intrigue. Not to mention give the caravans something to be actively concerned about.

Participants of the more insidious type can also plan ambushes and raids on the caravans. This is ideal for players who want to wreck havoc as their main characters but are reluctant to attack fellow players for any reason. Being a marauder has never been easier!


In 2095, organised trade officially returned to what used to be Scandinavia. More and more traders and caravans could be seen along the dusty roads.

It was a tough life. Only the luckiest, cleverest and strongest traders managed to build and maintain small supply lines between settlements. Over the years, many caravans and runners were lost to raiders, poor weather and bad maps. Only a few trading houses ever managed to amount to more than a few carriages.

One of these houses were…

The Silverskill Trading Company

The Sillverskill Company is owned and managed by Henrietta Silverskill. She's known to be tough but fair both in life and in business. The Silverskills have been active for generations. They are known for their adherence to personal ethics and morals which forbids them to engage with trading narcotics or people. No drugs and no slaves, in other words.

The family motto has always been "Slow but steady" and Henrietta is dedicated to keeping both family values and business values strong.

Whenever the Company establishes a new trading route, that route is given its own name and often a designated family member to manage it. After two years of careful planning and surveying, the Silverskill Trading Company has opened up...

The Platinum Line

This route goes somewhere between old Örebro and all the way over to the East Coast. The decision to open the line came after Henrietta saw the potential in having caravan going through lands inhabited by the Water Federation. A profitable, risky move as the caravans now need to go through areas that are well-know to be infested with both Panzerwolves and marauders.

So far, thanks to luck and loyal guards, it's been going well. However, not everyone is happy about the Silverskills making kaps off a new trading route.

There is another company that could kill (very literally) to be the ones owning the Platinum Line. They are…

Mossgrove Munitions

Originally a pack of unruly gunrunners, Mossgrove Munitions have branched out and will now transport anything that will earn them profit. The boss is Montgomery Mossgrove and he's not exactly known to be the most reliable of employers. Pays well though, according to rumours.

Other rumors state that no one outside Montgomery's inner circle stays on the payroll for long.

They have their sights set on the Platinum Line for a while now. How exactly they are going to be able to take the route over is unclear, but chances are it will involve guns. Lots of guns.



Threat Reduction and You

Yes, you. This is all about you, after all.

You see, the Silverskills count heavily on hiring mercenaries and whoever that can join up with the caravan at the border to the area around the sinter plant to and boost their numbers and add an extra gun. This way, the Platinum Line through the dangerous zone has become a very profitable deal for everyone involved. For a lot of scrap hunters this has become an extra source of income, or an opportunity for adventure.

As the saying goes: "Take the time, to walk the line. Make it home and you will be fine. If someone tries to steal your dime, shoot them in the spine."

Quick Rundown

Participants come up to the out-of come location and sign up/volunteer for Caravan Duty. Then they have to make a choice:

Participate as a Silverskill Family Member (an NPC, more on these later)
Participate as a loyal Silverskill caravan guard (NPC)
Participate as their primary character

Once the choice is made it is time to befriend their fellow caravaneers. Then the mission begins: Protect the caravan. Deliver the goods. Survive.

Good luck.

Get Involved

Oh you handsome cunning devil, how you charm us. There are a number of things you can do:

  • Incorporate the Silverskills or Mossgroves in your character/group background somehow.
  • Do you want packages and letters delivered to your character in game? Make some. Write some. Give them to us and we'll get put them on the next caravan.
  • Are you planning to play a trader in his/her own right? Are you a whole group of traders? You can get intrigues connected to the Silverskills. Let us know as soon as possible, and we can work something out. It doesn't need to be complicated.
  • Are your character more involved in the maps and shady information market? Have you realized you could sell secrets to others also involved in shady business?
  • Rob the caravans!