friends like these

Let's face it. If BBR was a person, it would probably be on your speed dial. It would throw awesome parties and walk your dog when the weather is just the worst. It would be friends with you and you'd go hiking together and it would be the greatest and no one would get any insect bites. It follows then that BRR is an excellent friend and that all of BBRs friends are of equal excellence. Go forth and visit them.

Friend rolodex

Larpfund - an initiative BBR is proud to support! Larpfund is new but beautiful and aims to enable more people to larp more, regardless of their current personal economy. All must play. (Site helpfully in English, check it out.)

Projekt Lazarus - a fantasy larp with similar values and philosophies as BBR, but better because they have elves. Newbie friendly as all heck! Site in Swedish.

Batalj - our gracious hosts, owners and managers of the sinter production plant and surrounding areas. With out these guys, our larp would be a lot less in general. Certainly less scenic. If you are into airsoft or paintball (or zombies) be sure check out their other events!