Protect yourself with style!

Mandatory armour checks

All armour, all juggernauts and all shields MUST go through a mandatory safety and classification checks. These checks verifies that the armour is safe enough to be used in the game and decides how many extra HP your armour will give you. Armour and shields that fails the safety check will be banned from the LARP. A owner of a failed item can try to fix it and return for a recheck before the LARP starts.

Armour safety

All armour used at the game should be safe both for other players and latex weapons. Absolutely no sharp edges or long, hard and protruding objects are allowed. Bolts shall be cut off and their sharp edges sanded down. If you want your armor to sport pointy spikes, make them out of foam/latex. Shields should have a generous padding along their edges.

Armour requirements

Armour are meant to be a balanced tradeoff between increased survivability and decreased speed and agility. This means that armour giving you several extra HP also should give you clearly noticeable movement penalty.

Heavier armour should also "look and feel the part", so it is clear to your enemies that the reason you are taking many hits is because you are wearing lots armour, not because you are cheating.

Ideally, heavy armour should be made out of heavy, sturdy stuff like steal plates and car tires. If you want to make heavy armour out of lighter (and more easily workable) materials (e.g. plastics, EVA foam, thin aluminium plating), you must compensate for its lack of weight by making it very thick (think something like 3 cm). Also make sure that your heavy armor has a hard surface.



Armour class examples

For some examples on how different armour classes can look like, check out this gallery.

A short note about aesthetics

If you make your armour out of synthetic materials (like EVA foam), please DON'T try to make it look like it is made out of metal. Instead give it the look of some sort of futuristic ceramic or composite material. See this page for more info.


If you have any questions about armor and/or juggernauts, please send your inquiries to