Or, how to Dress for Success in the Wasteland

What do you wear to the apocalypse? Awesome things! The future may be a trashbag, but that's no reason to let yourself go! We give you as a participant great liberties on how you want to shape the style and cultural attributes for your character and your group. We do however have a few wide guidelines that we want you to adhere to:

The mandatory guidelines

Heavy patina: Dirt and decay are two of the main isotopes in the BBR aesthetics; everything should look as though it has been through several years of life and death in the harsh, unforgiving wasteland. Grungeing down your outfit is not only a lot of fun, it is also the simplest way to transform a couple of random old pieces of clothing in to a kickass outfit worthy of the fiercest wasteland warrior.

For a good introduction to simple, fast and fun cloth-destruction, see this excellent video:

Style over function: BBR takes place in a stylized and heavily romanticized version of a post apocalyptic world. This means that we want you to design your outfit with the primary goal of making it look as cool as possible, rather than to design it for a practical real life apocalypse scenario. As long as both you and the outfit itself can survive the duration of the larp (three days of wasteland extravaganza!), nothing is too ludicrous.

For example: A 30 cm long neon-pink faux-mohawk is terribly untactical, but it will also give you the opportunity to be the most dashing warrior on the battlefield. It is therefore a given accessory to wear during any raid in - or indeed out of - the wasteland.

Use proper materials: While BBR poses as full on action-pulp-larp, we still think it is important to maintain a feeling of authenticity. Therefore, all outfits and gear should look good even at close range. We are very open to people building futuristic armours out of foam and other synthetic materials, but please please please only use foam and other synthetic materials when creating futuristic synthetic materials and alloys or tiny details. Foam and plastic is not an acceptable substitute for readily available things like leather, steel/metal or fabric.

If you want a foam build to be counted as heavy armour, you must treat the surface of it so that it becomes rigid and hard.

We might of course make exceptions from this rule. If you want to be that exception, contact us with your ideas as soon as possible (preferably before you start building), otherwise you run the risk getting parts of your outfit disapproved for use at the larp.



General recommendations

Apart from the guidelines above, the general style of gear and outfits are completely up to you. But good things to draw your inspiration from (these also represent what is considered “trendy" in the post-apocalyptic Europe) are:

  • Not too serious post apocalyptic movies (Tank Girl, Mad Max, Waterworld)
  • The Fallout games
  • Subcultures (synth, punk, goth, metal)
  • Cyberpunk / the general aesthetic of technology in the 80:s

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