What to play

Who or what are you anyway?

To make it easier on the game masters, participants are functionally sorted into three distinct groups: skrotjägare, wreckers and miscellaneous.

Skrotjägare [Scavengers]

This is the collective name used for fortune seekers who traverse the wasteland in search for riches, adventure, enlightenment, true love or something equally unlikely. The name is somewhat misleading as most of them don't consider scavenging or hunting for scraps to be their only source income. Common moonlighting gigs include banditry, bounty hunting, trading or acting as ambulating guides, mechanics or medics. Whatever their personal preference and chosen profession, most of them identify as career opportunists.

As a skrotjägare can be from literally any background and corner of the world, the way they look is extremely varied. Good boots are pretty common sight as walking over the brittle bones of my predecessors and running away from a bigger predator is pretty much the first line of the job description.

Parties of skrotjägare have an upper limit of about 10 individuals. There is no lower limit. You can be a party of one. It's cool.

Vrakare [Wreckers]

Popular myth holds that wreckers, like land-bound pirates, lure ships aground and rob them for all they are worth. At BBR this is all true, but our wreckers do it to spaceships, or "skyvaults" - giant barges sent up to space to protect the riches of the old world.

The Wrecker game will focus on survival to some degree.

Your mission as Wreckers, should you choose to accept it, is to utilise the technology and connectivity at Stråssa to save yourselves. You will face competition. You will need all the help you can buy, bribe and beg.

Any group bad enough to want to bring down a spacecraft could be Wreckers. BBR is looking for the following:

A few good groups of 10 or more members who are:

  • Badass community leaders who love seeking people out and putting them to work
  • Hospitable listeners who have no problem with people seeking them out for work
  • Willing and eager to start and maintain an open dialogue with BBRs game masters and organisers (HELLO FRIENDS it us)
  • Well acquainted with the idea of FAIR PLAY out of the game, but may never have heard of it in game
  • Interested in having more direct influence over one of the main plots

You don't need:

  • Any previous experience with BBR
  • Any previous experience with Wrecking

Is this you, or do you want to know moew? Contact us: info@bbreloaded.se

We'll hash out any details.


Not everyone is a happy-go-lucky adventurer, or a power hungry organisation bent on conquest. Some people actually do business for a living. Traders, caravaneers, settlers, crafts and service people are all welcome at BBR. The possibilities are endless. Sling us an email and we'll hash out the details: info@bbreloaded.se



Mutants, cyborgs and robots

All kinds of transhuman concepts are welcome at BBR. After all, nothing stops you from being a gunslinging wasteland dentist pirate AND a mutant. Read more about your options over here.

Characters Wanted

There are always some characters or concepts we're looking to populate. All of these are equally available for (self-identified) ladies, gentlemen and folks outside of such descriptions. Currently on the roster:


Unwanted Characters

There is really only one of these, so it's easy to remember!

No brothels, no pimps
Characters whose sole career/concept is based on/around sexwork are discouraged.