To be absolutely clear: you are not entitled to bring a vehicle to this larp.

First: You absolutely have to talk to us if you plan to bring anything with a motor. Failure to do so will banish your vehicle to the parking lot.

Second: Informing us of your plan is not a guarantee. We have to approve of your plan and vehicle. The final approval will happen on site.

Third: We expect all vehicles attending the larp to be heavily modified and full of rust.

Fourth: If you have any hesitation at all, do not bring a motorised vechicle.

Now that you know the score

So you still want to bring a rad vehicle to the LARP? Then we would like to point out a few things that you should know beforehand:

  • Cars are highly visible, take up a lot of space and are unltimately unnecessary. As such, we have very high and strict demands on cars. They have to look amazing. They have to make people happy. You should not be thinking about bringing your civilian vehicle that you drive to work in here.
  • Combat-wise, vehicles are really weak, this is by design and not something we will change. See rules for more info.
  • There is not so many roads for you all to drive on, so unless your vehicle is an off road monster, it might not be that useful.
  • All driving will be banned during work hours on Thursday and Friday. (We share the area with a operational gravel pit, and we don't want to get in their way!) Vehicles must stay in camp, or at the parking. Please note that this rule does not apply to bikes, motorbikes or off-road vehicles that would not to compete for road space. Stay off the gravel pit road and do not get in the way of professional traffic and you're golden.

Vehicle requirements

All vehicles must be vetted by the game masters. They need both to be safe and to adhere to the larp's overall aesthetic and style. Please email us if you want to bring an in game vehicle, the larp will only accept a limited numbers of vehicles. All vehicles need to adhere to these requirements:

  • In a perfect world we want all vehicles at the LARP to be street legal, however, we might make exceptions to this. If you want to be an exception, take your vehicle to the Bilbesiktningen and mail us the Vehicle Test Report and we will make an individual evaluation of the results. We will under NO circumstances make exceptions for vehicles that has problems with breaks, engine or structural problems with the frame.
  • All vehicles must be insured (Trafikförsäkring). This is more about having coverage for the things your vehicle might destroy, than about covering the potential destruction of the vehicle.
  • All cars must carry a fire extinguisher.
  • Drivers of motorcycles/mopeds must wear a helmet.
  • If you want to add spikes and other dangerous/pointy things to your vehicle, they must be made out of foam or other soft and safe material.

Failure in adhering to these requirements will have your vehicle banned from being driven during the LARP

Player responsibilities

  • Drivers are responsible for their vehicles and are expected to explain potentially dangerous flaws to any passengers
  • Passengers are expected to listen to the driver and take responsibility for their own safety; if you deem yourself unable to take that responsibility, don't get in/on the vehicle
  • All passengers handling weapons in vehicles should wear helmets. This is a recommendation for now
  • If the vehicle suffers mechanical failure beyond repair, players are responsible for transporting it away from the area after the LARP

The rules

If vehicle rules are broken, keys will be confiscated and not handed back until after the LARP.

Vehicles are never allowed to be driven faster than 30 Km/h. This rule applies to the entire game site even when no one is looking.

Vehicles intended for driving at night must have working head and tail lights.

It is forbidden to build roadblocks. Emergency transports must have access to the entire site at all times.

A vehicle is broken down / out of combat when it is hit by a barrage of bullets during a short time (about 3 bullets during 10 seconds) or hit by a heavy weapon. When a vehicle is out of combat, it stops where it stands.

All vehicles need to be fitted in front with a hose clamp (slangklämma). GM will provide you with one and help you attach it if necessary. In order to repair a vehicle, someone needs to unscrew the clamp from the front of the vehicle and reattach it to the back of the vehicle. No real-world mechanic skills required, this is just a simulation and should take between 30-60 seconds. If you have a better idea for your vehicle, let us know.

A driver that is out of combat is allowed to drive the vehicle back to camp as long as no items of value or players able to fight remains inside the vehicle.



Get your wheels approved

In order to have your machine of mayhem considered for an official spot at the LARP, send an email to The mail should contain:

  • Type of Vehicle
  • Name of Group
  • Name of the responsible player
  • Pictures, and description of any aesthetically works in progress
  • Besiktningsprotokoll, or similar

BE AWARE that sending us this information will only make us consider your vehicle. Approval is not automatic. Cars will be approved in order of compliance to aesthetic standards.

Any questions are welcome at the fordon address as well. (Unless they're bad questions. Bad questions goes to this address.)


Failure to follow these steps will have your vehicle staying in the parking lot. Arr also reserves the right to exile any vehicle to that same parking lot should arr find discrepancies between the information provided and the actual vehicle.