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They are loud, they are dangerous, and they smell bad. And you still want to try and bring one? Very well. Let's go over the extreme basics first:

  • You are in no way entitled to having a vehicle at this larp.
    If you don't tell us about the vehicle ahead of time, we will not permit it into the larp.
  • Telling us about the vehicle is no guarantee that you'll be permitted the use of that vehicle on the site. Final approval will happen on site.
  • We expect all vehicles to look like they belong in the wasteland. This means they should be modified, dirty, rusty, scuffed up, covered in weird stuff, etc. This is a big one! Do not fuck with the aesthetics.
  • If you break any of these rules, or something beyond your control goes wrong with your vehicle after it has been approved and the game has begun, we reserve the right to ground that vehicle until end of game.

Still here? Cool! Your reward: more lists.

Vehicle requirements

All vehicles must be vetted by the game masters. They need both to be safe and to adhere to the larp's overall aesthetic and style. Beyond that, they/you also need:

  • Functioning brakes
  • Functioning lights
  • Functioning muffler
  • It cannot have any structural problems with the frame
  • It cannot have any structural problems with the engine
  • It cannot have dangerous sharp edges, spikes or hooks
  • All vehicles must be insured (trafikförsäkring)
  • All cars must carry a fire extinguisher
  • Drivers of motorcycles/mopeds must wear a helmet
  • Any passenger (max 1) on your MC/moped must also wear a helmet
  • If you want to add spikes and other dangerous/pointy things to your vehicle, they must be made out of foam or other soft and safe material
  • Any car with an open top or a roof on which you expect passengers MUST have a wire-cutter attached

Failure in adhering to these requirements will have you grounded and your vehicle banned from being driven during the larp.

Player responsibilities

  • Drivers are responsible for their vehicles and are expected to explain potentially dangerous quirks to any passengers
  • Passengers are expected to listen to the driver and take responsibility for their own safety; if you deem yourself unable to take that responsibility, don't get in/on the vehicle
  • You must ALWAYS get out of the way of professional traffic, NO EXEMPTIONS EVER
  • If the vehicle suffers mechanical failure beyond repair, players are responsible for transporting it away from the area after the larp

Game mechanic rules

If vehicle rules are broken, keys will be confiscated and not handed back until after the larp.

Vehicles are never allowed to be driven faster than 30 Km/h. This rule applies to the entire game site even when no one is looking.

A vehicle is broken down / out of combat when it is hit by a barrage of bullets over a short time or hit by a heavy weapon. When a vehicle is out of combat, it stops where it stands. If your vehicle is taken out of combat on a road where you can reasonably expect professional traffic, you HAVE to move your vehicle to the side of the road so that others can pass.

All vehicles need to be fitted in front with a hose clamp (slangklämma). GM will provide you with one and help you attach it if necessary. In order to repair a vehicle, someone needs to unscrew the clamp from the front of the vehicle and reattach it to the back of the vehicle. No real-world mechanic skills required, this is just a simulation and should take between 30-60 seconds. If you have a better idea for your vehicle, let us know.

A driver that is out of combat is allowed to drive the vehicle back to camp as long as no items of value or players able to fight remains inside the vehicle.



Get your wheels approved

This year (2022), vehicles will need to go through their own application process. That application process will be a google form. A functional link to that form will be up here after the larp at large opens its applications.


If your vehicle doesn't have an engine, you can disregard most of what's on this page. You may still tell us about it if you want to, especially if you're extra proud of your very pretty bike.

And again

Failure to follow any of these requierments will have your vehicle staying in the parking lot. Arr also reserves the right to exile any vehicle to that same parking lot should arr find discrepancies between the information provided and the actual vehicle.