What happens in StrĂ¥ssa...

We have a bit of a meta-plot situation this year, and it's about robots. People-robots. Like you might have seen in Blade Runner, Westworld, Ex Machina, or Battlestar Galactica. Let's call them "replicants" as a useful shorthand.

They might look like people. They might act like people. If they actually are people though is a matter of some debate.

They have for sure been around since before the apocalypse, but most folks won't ever have heard of them. That is, until just recently.

The technocratic state Nova has been torn apart by civil conflict. Refugees and deserters have become a more and more common sight in the wasteland. One such caravan recently became overwhelmed and destroyed not far from StrĂ¥ssa. Only it wasn't full of deserters and their valuable goods. It was full of replicants, all of which who could still walk, immediately abandoned the wreckage.

They're out there now. Or maybe they are in here, with us...