What happens in Stråssa...

There is a small but persistent settlement in the verdant forests grown on top the ruins of the old world. It has many names, Stråssa, Kingmaker, Valkyria. To some people, it's home; to others it's a watering hole on the way to greater things.

To all, it is a hotspot of activity about once every year. Defunct technology comes to life, and people flock from all over to pay homage to dead gods, compete over the sudden windfall of resources or make a profit off of those who do.

This year, a malignant - yet playful? - force has turned its baleful eye towards planet. It holds parts of the world hostage with a satellite mounted laser array, forcing otherwise respectable Wreckers to compete for its amusement.

Meanwhile, new shadowy creatures snuffle and snarl at the outskirts of town, Panzerwolves migrate through the area and the weather probably can't be trusted.

The question falls to you, lone wanderer.

Dare you enter…

… the Danger Zone.