Safety Rules

The most important rules!

1.1 Skarp Skada

"Skarp Skada" ("live injury" in English) are the words you call out if anyone gets hurt seriously enough that you or the injured party feels a (real-life) medic needs to be summoned. All game play at your location should cease immediately. Game masters/crew must be called on and brought to the site.

1.2 Eye Protection

While the game is live and you are on the game site, you must always wear appropriate protective eyewear.

Appropriate protective eyewear for BBR should be made out of polycarbonate (polykarbonat), and in the EU they should be EN 166 certified. Most protective eyewear sold as such at a respectable hardware store should work.

If you encounter anybody without protective eyewear on the game site, feel free to tell them to put their glasses back on or leave the site.

1.3 Safe Zones

Safe zones are the only places where you are allowed to remove your protective eyewear. The following places are considered safe zones:

  • Outside the game area
  • Inside the Sinter plant
  • Any indoor place where people sleep that has its doors and windows covered

It is strictly forbidden to fire or even draw an airsoft gun inside a safe zone. It is also forbidden to fire in to or out of them. In order to bring a gun inside a safe zone, ONE of the following procedures must be followed:

- Make sure the gun is completely unloaded. Do this by removing the magazine and fire the gun once (in a safe direction) to make sure the barrel is cleared of any bullets. Guns that keeps their propellant inside the magazine does not need to be fired.

- The weapon is attached to a safe holster. For a holster to be considered safe it has to completely cover the muzzle of the gun, or make sure the muzzle always points down and that the holster prevents access to the trigger. All holsters will be checked at check-in.

- The gun has an approved muzzle protector. A muzzle protector is something that completely covers the muzzle and is attached in such a way that it can't be removed by mistake or by a unintentional discharge. All muzzle protectors will be test fired during the mandatory weapons control to make sure that they won't malfunction.

1.4 Age Limit

All participants must be 15 years of age or older. Any participants under the age of 18 must bring a copy of our contract for minors signed by their legal guardians to the larp. The contract can be found HERE. It is in Swedish. If you need it translated, please ask.

Participants under 18 must also be accompanied by a person over 18 who takes responsibility for their actions and safety during the entire larp. This person must contact us beforehand. A person under the age of 18 may not, in accordance with Swedish law, use airsoft guns. This also applies to heavy weapons. People under 18 may however use any other kind of approved weapon (bows, latex-weapon).

1.5 Vehicles and Roads

The speed limit for all vehicles is 30km/h. This rule applies to the entire game site, and is in effect even if no one is watching.

Vehicles intended for driving at night must have working head and tail lights. Do not block the roads. Emergency vehicles must have access to the entire game site at all times.

Please see Vehicles for more details.

1.6 Melee weapons

All weapons intended for use in close quarter combat with other players must be latex-weapons. All latex-weapons are subject to mandatory safety checks at the check-in counter. Bring them with you.

As a note, aesthetically we do not want to see typical fantasy larp weapons -- we want to see crowbars, fire axes, hammers, tools, boards with nails, modern and futuristic knives, daggers, etc.

1.7 Shields

Shields must have padded edges and must be completely rigid. They must not be used for offence. Shields may not be transparent but small windows are fine. They are subject to mandatory safety checks at the check-in counter. Bring them with you.

1.8.1 Airsoft weapons

Automatic and semi-automatic weapons

Safety distance: 1 m
Bullet weight: 0.25 g

Maximum allowed output velocity:
98 m/s or 322FPS with 0.25g BBs = 1.2 Joules
109 m/s or 357FPS with 0.20g BBs = 1.2 Joules

Manual/bolt action rifles

Safety distance: 10 m
Bullet weight: 0.32 g

Maximum allowed output velocity:
98 m/s or 322FPS with 0.32g BBs = 1.54 Joules
124 m/s or 406FPS with 0.20g BBs = 1.54 Joules

Never aim your weapon at anyone closer to you than the safety distance.
All airsoft weapons are subject to mandatory safety checks at check-in. Bring them with you and you will be directed to the chroning station.

1.9 Bows & Crossbows

The maximum permitted draw weight of bows are 30 pounds. All arrows must be approved for use by the game masters/crew, bring them to the check-in counter when you check in. Arrows made by Calimacil will always be accepted as long as they are undamaged.

Never aim a bow at anyone's head.

Crossbows follow the same rules as bows, max 30 pounds and no headshots. In addition to this, you need license to own and use a Crossbow according to Swedish law. If you choose to use one on our event it is your own personal responsibility. We will not check your license.

Projectiles for bows and crossbows must have a tip that is at least 45 mm in diameter and built in a secure way. All projectiles must be submitted to one of our weapon control officers to be individually vetted and test-shot before the larp.

1.10 Pyrotechnics and explosives

No one may use pyro or explosives, except trained specialists with approval from the game masters. If you have a cool idea and relevant training/know-how, talk to us.

1.11 Miscellaneous weapons.

Do you have a cool nerf gun that you painted in really rad colors? We are very flexible when it comes to approving “odd" weapons, as long as they look good and can't injure other players. Would you like to bring it? Send us an email with your ideas.

1.12 Lasers

We would like to remind everyone that green laser pointers/sights are forbidden according to Swedish law (cheap imported kinds usually lacks IR filter which makes them even more dangerous). All other lasers, need to be category 3 or lower (max 5 mW). Never ever purposely aim a laser into anyone's eye.

1.13 Alcohol

Players under the age of 18 and drivers may not drink alcoholic beverages. Players over the age of 18 may not drink alcoholic beverages over 2.8% (vol). If your judgement is affected in such a way that you wouldn't drive, you need to put your soft airgun away for the day. It is not allowed to be intoxicated.

1.14 The head

Never aim or swing a boffer weapon at someone's head.

Never aim your airsoft gun at someones head unless they are in active combat and no other parts of their body is visible. If someone is firing at you from excellent cover, you may of course fire back at them. They made their choice.