The Network

The virtual playground of the apocalypse

The world of BBR also includes its very own post apocalyptic internet. It is a text-based retro styled environment which gives you access to a chat (both public and private chat-rooms), radio, an in-game map and many more things of which some have a major strategic impact on the wrecking game.

The network is accessible by almost any internet-enabled device including smart phones. There will be three public-access terminals in the sinter plant and the Sinter-Bar will have free wifi (Make sure to disable system updates on any device using the bar wifi).

For a more detailed information on how to use the network, see this handy page:

To try it out right now and test the compatibility of your device, please visit one of these links: enters full-screen, for the most immersive experience) auto full-screen, great if you want to multi-task and do other stuff while testing the terminal)

The whole network thingy is an external project designed and developed by the amazing Carmilla Mina Jankovic. If you want to know more or contact her, go take a look at her Patreon which contains a lot of useful information and the opportunity to tip her for her hard work.