Meta rules

Don't be a jerk!

These rules are created to maximize comfort, dynamic gameplay and fun! and discourage things we don't want to see. Please see our Code of Conduct for details the more general behaviors we expect.

3.1 Respect worldly Needs

Do not attack anyone who is sleeping/eating/cooking/answering a call from nature. Don't ambush people coming out of the bathroom, etc.

3.2 Don't mess with the guns of others

Airsoft guns are expensive and fragile. If it's not yours, don't touch it without permission. It is forbidden to disarm defeated enemies and never even think about looting magazines for ammo.

3.3 Your imaginary army can't help you*

Don't make threats based on weaponry or military might that is not present at the larp for you to command. Even if your home base has thousands of warmachines and the personnel to pilot them, they are considered to be weeks away and unable to come to your aid. This goes for everyone, always.

3.4 Your imaginary coin can't pay me

The post-apocalyptic future is a hard and suspicious time. No one wants to work on credit. It is pointless to offer future payment to other groups using imaginary wealth that you do not posses. (Lying, cheating and straight up refusing to pay someone for any reason is of course allowed and encouraged.)

3.5 Heavy themes and intense roleplay

At BBR, we want to give the players the possibility to get intense with their roleplay. At the same time, we do not want anyone to feel unsafe off-game. This demands good communication and a lot of paying close attention to reactions. As an aid, we have some functional expressions and optional guidelines for more intense scenes.

Green = All is good and we shall carry on
Yellow = It is okay to keep it at this level but no more than this
Red = I am not okay and we should stop this now

Much like a traffic light, these three levels indicate what kind of action you should respond with.

The words red and yellow can be used by anyone at any time stop or de-escalate a scene. If this does not have the desired effect, break the scene completely with the word OFF.

The aggressor in a heavy scene should use these words to check in with the player behind the character that is their victim. Make eye contact (and make sure you're connecting) and ask them "Colour?" or "Green?".

The "victim" in question should respond with a colour that corresponds to their comfort level. As above, "green" means "feel free to escalate or do that thing you indicated you were gonna do". "Yellow" means "we're on a good level, do not escalate". "Red" means "stop".

You are always allowed and encouraged to communicate beyond these words. You are also always allowed to break off a scene for any reason. Don't do things that make you unhappy in a bad way.

3.5.5 Common sense

It is always fun and interesting to push your boundaries, but please respect others and always bring a good portion of common sense. If you act as the perpetrator you need to be very perceptive of your victim's emotional response and always listen for safety or accelerator words.

You should also check in with them now and then, to make sure they are still enjoying the scene.

It is a good idea to meet the players behind your victims before the scene takes place. If possible, talk through what will happen so that you are both prepared.
If you take someone prisoner, make sure that they have access to water and asthma spray or similar that they might need.

Remember: If you do not wish to be taken prisoner, you can use the word red. If it does not work, because heat of the moment happens to many of us, use ”off” and explain to your would-be capture that they are going too far.

Be safe and look after each other!

3.6 Low intensity gameplay

Between 02.00 and 10.00 in the morning, “low intensity gameplay" is in effect. This means that the game masters won't launch any kind of events during those hours. Further, players may not attack or steal things from other players camps between these hours. In other words, you can get a full nights sleep without having to worry about missing something important or losing your entire fortune. The larp is still going on however, and all audible conversations should still be in-game.

3.6.1 Keep it down

Avoid purposefully making a lot of loud unnecessary noises between 10 and 12 in the morning in the vicinity of the sinter plant (that is, you are free to go around and larp your heart out, but avoid playing loud music, blowing vuvuzuelas and/or noisy partying during these two hours).

3.7 Items that you can steal / Lootable objects

If you have in-game objects that other players are welcome to steal, you signify this by marking that object with a black X. People/you are always allowed to steal unguarded kaps, loose ammunition, heal-bots and obvious quest items. Remember that it is not allowed to take ammunition out of other peoples magazines.

3.8 Loot pocket

All players must wear a designated loot pocket. Items of value (kaps, bagged ammo, sensor modules, heal-bots and obvious quest items) you are carrying must either be stored in your loot pocket or carried in your hands.

There are two exceptions to this:
Kaps: You don't need to put all the Kaps you are carrying in the loot pocket, about 5 of them would be perfectly fine.
Heal-bots: If you are a medic, you should store the majority of your heal bots in your medkit, but make sure to let one of them slip in to your loot pocket every once in a while.

You may also put other useful and/or edible items in your loot pocket (all edible items must be safe to consume, no food cans that expired during the 70s please). However these items should be in addition to other ingame valuables. Unless you are flat out broke, make sure to always carry at least a few Kaps in your loot pocket.

When you are neutralized, let the looters know where your loot pocket is by placing one of your hands on it.

3.9 Tent peace

You may snoop around peoples camps, but you may not enter someone elses tent or camper without their permission.

This may not be abused to hide quest items. You may however store ammunition and kaps inside your tent.

3.10 Make a scene

It is every larps primary objective to make sure that everyone has a good time. Remember, it can be just as fun to win as it can be to lose. Don't be afraid to give it your all, dare to take risks and occasionally set out to fail. Play up other peoples characters. Don't hide important items. If you are not sure you got hit, take the hit. Be the role player you want to see in the world.

3.11 Language Barriers

We have a number of international participants. Don't exclude them by refusing to communicate with them. If someone addresses you in English, speak English back at them, regardless how embarrassing/horrible you think your English sounds. Remember: nothing sounds as awkward as silence.

3.12 Don't play dead or wounded/He ain't even hurt

While we understand the allure of a well laid trap, it is impossible to distinguish between players who are wounded or neutralized "for real" and players whose characters are only pretending to be wounded or neutralized in order to trick their enemy. Don't do this. It is bad form.

If someone "pretends" to be dead only to stab you in the back - feel free to break the game, tell them where they went wrong and ignore any attacks from them.

3.13 Surrender! Rebel scum

If you find yourself in an absolute advantage over an unarmored enemy (e.g. You surprise them at close range from behind or before they have drawn their weapon), make the situation more fun by asking them to surrender rather than shooting them in the back.

If you find yourself in an advantage over an enemy so scary that you don't dare ask it to surrender (e.g. Someone with a heavy armour or inhuman reflexes), always try to aim your bullets somewhere where it does not hurt unnecessarily much (e.g. somewhere where they have armour, or their boots or pieces of their body covered in thick clothing).

Remember: bolt action rifles have a minimum safety distance of 10 meters and standard airsofts has a minimum safety distance of 1 meter. You are not allowed to fire at a target closer to you than you weapons safety distance.

3.14 Unforeseen disputes

There are many ways of interpret every rule of an event such as BBR. In the event of a dispute, come talk to an organizer and we will help sort things out. The organizers of the event has the last word in every dispute regarding the rules of the larp or behavior that could damage the game mechanics or are otherwise not following the setting.

*This does not apply to gods, you are welcome to threaten people with your religious convictions all you want