Special Weapons

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We are not sure what form these weapons will take -- if any -- in 2022. Please do not build anything new without talking to us first, your time may be wasted.


All cybernetically inclined people are affected by EMP. EMP weapons are recognised by emitting a very bright flash from their muzzle. Affected targets are stunned for 100 seconds. Read the CombatRules for details.


EMPs hit any person that can clearly see the actual flash unit when it goes off and who is within a 10 meter cone said flash.

EMP Firing limitations

EMP weapons require an immense amount of energy to fire. To simulate this (and balance the rules) we have some restrictions for how often you are allowed to fire your EMP. As a general rule the amount of shots you can fire from your EMP depends on its weight:

  • less than 1 kg = 1 hour recharge time
  • more than 1 kg, less than 2 kg = 30 minutes recharge time
  • more than 2 kg, less than 3 kg = 15 minutes recharge time
  • more than 3 kg, less than 4 kg = 10 minutes recharge time
  • more than 4 kg = 5 minutes recharge time

If the EMP is a part of another weapon or shield, it is only the weight of the actual EMP unit that counts, not the devices total weight.

If you implement any kind of other limitations on your EMP (like an arduino controlling fire rate/reload time or some clever mechanics making it a hassle to use) we might give you additional shots. Send an email to weapons@bbreloaded.se and we'll discuss it.

Building an EMP

EMPs should always be built using photo-flashes, because we say so. Leave the LEDs for your flashlights.

A strong warning: Camera flashes contains capacitors charged up to 800 volts, (this can seriously hurt people!) even with the batteries out. Keep the plastic body sealed while building, unless you really know what you are doing.



Heavy Weapons

Heavy weapons are a special class of weapons that are utilised against juggernauts, vehicles and as crowd control. Se the combat rules for more information about how and when they should be used.

Due to some legal changes we have been forced to update what charges we use for heavy weapons. For more information, follow this link

Heavy weapons 2018