Combat rules

How to live and not die in the post apocalyptic future

2.1 Health and weapon damage

The standard weapons used in BBR are airsoft guns and "pretty" (non-fantasy inspired) latex or equivalent foam build larp weapons. For convenience, the rest of this text will refer to these weapons as "latex weapons". This includes larp arrows. Both latex weapons and airsoft guns cause the same amount of damage: one hit. A swarm of automatic fire also counts as one hit, despite the number of individual bullets that hit you.

Note that all such weapons need to pass through an on-site approval process that will check your weapon for safety, durability, and aesthetics.

By default, everyone has one Hit Point (HP). If you lose all your HP you are neutralized.

2.2 Neutralized/Out of combat

When you have lost all your HP, you are neutralized. This means that you must, to your best theatrical abilities, roleplay having been mortally wounded. Scream in pain, lie down and show that you are unable to carry on fighting. You may also just pass out and lie still until your attacker(s) leave the area.

When you are neutralized, you may NOT use any type of weapons and are unable to move faster than a slow limping crawl. You may not give tactical advice and information about enemy positions but you may call for help and vocalize your agony.

At this point, you should also indicate where your loot pocket is (place a hand on it) so that you can be looted effectively.

2.3 Health Care

When you are neutralized you need to return to your camp/the bar and rest there for 30 minutes, unless you get field care.

2.3.1 Field Care

Only medics may perform field care. To do this, the medic must bandage the neutralized player and exhaust a unit of heal-bots. The whole procedure should take at least 30 seconds and when it is completed the formerly neutralized player is fit for fight again. Please note that medics are allowed and welcome to drag the procedure out.

2.3.2 Heal-bots

Heal-bots will be provided by the game masters. While anyone may possess them, only designated medics may use them.

2.3.3 Medics

Anyone who wants their character to be a medic can have their character be a medic. Make sure to justify it in the character's backstory somehow. All medics are required to bring bandages and faux blood, and a medic-bag (just a bag with a plus-sign).

If a medic is neutralized they can instruct another player on how to perform field care on themselves.

2.4 Unconscious

Knock (see 2.11) and certain weapon effects (heavy weapons 2.6, explosives 2.7) can make you unconscious. You stay unconscious for 100 seconds (we recommend counting in your head). Then you slowly come back to your senses.

You will have a hard time remembering exactly what happened the moments before your unconsciousness. For example: you will not remember who knocked you out (unless would make for good un scene, use your better judgement).

While unconscious, other people are allowed to loot and "finish you off". If someone "finishes you off" you are neutralized. See 2.2.

REMINDER: You may not shoot anyone point-blank as this is both painful and against the rules (1.8). Stab them with your latex weapon instead.

2.5 Armor and shields

Armour is an opportunity to trade away speed and agility for more hit points. BBR will use a class based armour system, this means that armour will give you bonus to your total HP instead of just protecting parts of your body. How much extra HP you get depends on how much and how "heavy" armor you wear.

Extra HP from armour is regenerated after you get medical treatment or it has been at least 5 minutes since your last combat.

2.5.1 Mandatory armour checks

All participants who want to wear armour must have their armour safety-checked and classified before the LARP. Every armour wearer and builder also absolutely MUST read the special page about Armour classification and armour safety.

2.5.2 Armour classes and HP bonuses

Class I (+1 HP): At least 30 % of your body covered in light armour.
Class II (+2 HP): At least 60 % of your body covered in light armour OR at least 30 % of your body covered in heavy armour.
Class III (+3 HP): At least 30 % of your body covered in heavy armour AND at least 30 % of your body covered in light armour.
Class IV ( +4 HP): At least 60 % of your body covered in heavy armour.

Light armour: Anything that looks reasonably sturdy like boiled leather, hockey pads, motorcycle suits, single layer EVA foam etc.

Heavy armour: Anything made with really sturdy material (metal, ceramics, car tires etc) or at least 3 cm thick layers of lighter materials (plastics, eva foam). Heavy armour MUST be rigid and have a hard surface.

NOTE: these categories are our rough guidelines, if your armour fits somewhere in between we will squeeze it into the closest class.

For image examples of how different armour levels can look, take a peak in this gallery.

2.5.3 Juggernaut

Juggernauts must be covered "head to toe" in heavy armour, including a helmet covering head and face.

Juggernauts are not allowed to wield any kind of long range or automatic airsoft guns. They may only use pistols, melee weapons and heavy weapons.

Unless mounted on a vehicle, juggernauts are not allowed to move faster than a slow walk.

The only way to neutralize a juggernaut is in beautiful melee combat -- put on a show. Heavy weapons (see 2.6) can be used to render juggernauts unconscious (see 2.4) in order to simplify this procedure. A unconscious Juggernaut can be neutralized by a cool "finishing off" move with any kind of melee weapon.

As a juggernaut, you an absolute responsibility to offer people fun game-play. Consider what your presence on the battlefield can do for others before you decide to go for this build.

If you plan on building a Juggernaut, you absolutely must read our page on Armour classification and armour safety.

2.5.4 Shields

Shields can absorb an infinite number of normal hits from soft airguns and latex weapons. They are useless against heavy weapons and explosives. Shields may only be used in combination with one handed weapons like short blades, handguns and clubs.

Shields may not be transparent but they may have a window or slit for the bearer to look through.

2.5.5 Combat example

You are a normal human (1 HP) wearing Class II armour (+2), giving you a total of 3 HP. During a fight you take one hit to the arm and one to the chest, a total of 2 hits. This means you now have 1 HP left. After the fight ends, you need to stay out of combat for at least 5 minutes before those 2 HP regenerate and you are back to full 3HP.

2.6 Heavy weapons


A heavy weapon is a large weapon that makes a huge BANG. They don't fire any projectiles and are assumed to hit automatically. They have an effective range of about 20 meters and are meant to be fired against vehicles, juggernauts and groups of people. They have an effective blast radius of around 3 meters from the center of the target and cause the following effects:

Players caught in the blast from a heavy weapon must seek shelter or duck immediately to avoid getting hit. Any player not able to seek shelter takes the same hit as from a mine (2.7.1).

Juggernauts are too slow to seek shelter from a heavy weapon and are always stunned (see 2.4).

A shot from a heavy weapon immediately immobilizes any vehicle. It also, unless the vehicle is heavily armored, neutralizes everyone inside (or on top of it).

Please keep in mind that drivers and people in juggernaut armor may not always notice that they are under fire. Try to make eye contact with them before firing your heavy weapon.

Players under the age of 18 may not use heavy weapons.

Please view the SPECIAL WEAPONS page on how to construct a heavy weapon.

2.7 Mines and grenades

REMINDER: No one may use pyro or explosives, except trained specialists with approval from the game masters.

2.7.1 Grenades

Explosive and pellet-throwing grenades are not allowed. This includes handheld and rifle mounted 40 mm grenade launchers.

2.7.2 Mines

We only allow participants to use thread crackers (dragsmällare) as mines (Official personal are allowed and will set up other types).

2.7.3 smoke/gas

We don't want you to bring your own smoke. Speak to us of you have some reason to think you should be the exemption.

We also allow certain types of electronic alarm systems as "warning alarms". Alarm systems are not allowed to be louder than 110 DB and must be checked and approved before the larp.

You are not, under any circumstances, allowed to set up tripwires.

If you find yourself less than 3 meters from a bang made by a mine, you fall to the ground and take damage depending on what armor you're wearing.

Anyone not classed as a juggernaut immediately take full hit and are neutralised.

Juggernauts: you are stunned (see 2.4)

2.8 Gas and smoke

Smoke is considered an aesthetic effect with no game mechanics behind it. If you see plumes of (clearly pyrotechnic) smoke, feel free to have your character react in whatever way you think is the most fun/appropriate.

Unless you secure very special permission from the game masters, you may not bring your own smoke.

2.9 Vehicles

If you plan on bringing a vehicle, you must read the vehicle rules page.

A vehicle is immobilised when it is hit by multiple bullets over a short time or hit is by a heavy weapon. When a vehicle is immobilised, it stops where it stands.

All vehicles need to be fitted in front with a hose clamp (slangklämma). GM will provide you with one and help you attach it if necessary. In order to repair a vehicle, someone needs to unscrew the clamp from the front of the vehicle and reattach it to the back of the vehicle. No real-world mechanic skills required, this is just a simulation and should take between 30-60 seconds. If you have a better idea for your vehicle, let us know.

A driver that is neutralised is allowed to drive the vehicle back to camp as long as no items of value or players able to fight remains inside the vehicle.

2.10 Unique/Special Weapons

We have very creative participants, and they often want to build strange things. We will not make rules for special/unique weapons, but we may absolutely allow creative and interesting weapon-ideas, and are open to figuring out how to introduce them to the game. Come talk to us.

2.11 Knock

If you sneak up behind someone and gently strike them in the neck with the butt of your melee weapon while saying the word "knock", they are instantly unconscious (see section 2.4 Unconscious).

Knock does not (generally) work on robots and people with heavy armored heads.