let's have an adventure

Greetings, stranger. Welcome the webpage for the post apocalyptic larp BBR: 2023. The dates this upcoming year (2023) are August 31:st -- September 2:nd.

If you want to talk to us, please send e-mail: info@bbreloaded.se

If you are unfamiliar with larps and BBR in general, do not hesitate. Read on:

A larp is live action role play. Imagine improvisation theatre with no audience. Our follows the spirit of the Nordic Larp tradition. If BBR divergences from the Nordic Larp canon (if there is such a thing), it does so in having no designed political or artistic agenda beyond "let's all have a massive wasteland party".

The setting is a heavily romanticized rock'n'roll post-apocalypse in a vein similar to the Fallout games and all those immortal action movies from the 80s. Here, the apocalypse is punk rock and prioritizes fashion statements and badassery over base survival and gritty realism. BBR is something of a sandbox and offers a lot of creative freedom to its participants.

The location for our event is an old industrial mining site and sinter production plant known as Stråssa Gruva. It's a grand old place and the surroundings are beautiful, trust us.

It should be noted that BBR employs the use of soft airguns as weapons (as well as more larp-traditional ones) because we can't have a post-apocalyptic wasteland that isn't littered with guns and ammo. That said, please be aware that at its heart BBR is a larp and not an airsoft event; we're here to roleplay (and pose) while dodging bullets because it looks awesome and provides the kind of tension we love. Of course, you don't need a gun to have a good time. If you have a burning need to know more, click here.

If this sounds like a party you would love to attend, then by all means venture on!